Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Newtech water solutions offers Reverse osmosis, also known as hyper filtration, is a process that reduces the particles down to the molecular level. The same process used by major bottled water companies, reverse osmosis reduces the salts and other impurities, giving you high-quality great-tasting water.

The R/O Pure filtration system provides you with water that rivals and often exceeds the quality of bottled water, at a fraction of the price and without the inconvenience of heavy bottles and plastic containers. The process reduces your environmental impact by putting the bottling plant right at your kitchen. The filters of this system turn your tap water into an efficient source of good tasting, healthy water.

Many things can affect the quality and purity of well and municipal water. Factors such as water usage, temperature, and even weather can cause changes in water quality. Household plumbing can also introduce contaminants such as rust and lead into your tap water. Watts Premier’s filtration systems can alleviate these effects by providing a consistent level of filtration, giving you a higher quality of water. This 4-stage system provides an affordable alternative to bottled water, conveniently located right in our home.


  • Manifold 4-stage, reverse osmosis, water-filtration system
  • Innovative, compact 1-piece design
  • Sanitary and convenient "push-button" filter change (no tools required)
  • Includes a high capacity 11.4 L (3 gal.) storage tank
  • Built with a high-production thin film membrane
  • Designer solid-brass electronic monitor faucet
  • Provides bottled-water quality

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